Spreading kindness, one act at a time


What we stand for


Our vision, purpose, and core values are fundamental parts to our care for our guests and, importantly, for each other as a team. We aim to spread kindness through every interaction, embracing friendliness and generosity no matter what. We see a world of perfect contentment, where excellence breeds pleasure and we encourage a world at ease with itself, free of tension and strife. The contribution that we will make our special contribution to a world of perfect contentment by spreading kindness one act at a time.

Our Core Values

Drive & Soul: As a small company with boundless energy, it’s about driving deep rather than far – we want relentlessly to pursue quality over quantity. Our approach always has been and will always be about generosity, authenticity, and care – for each other as much as for our guests

Our Values

Dedication to Detail: Making the little moments matter most

Celebrate Individuals: Cherishing everyone for their uniqueness by tailoring the experience to the individual

Building Community: Fostering a sense of belonging and pride, having a warm and inclusive environment, and collaborative approach to work

Promoters of Well-being: Delivering the feel-good factor every day by creating comfort and having genuine empathy