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Getting Married?

We're sharing our top 5 tips to ease your wedding planning...

1. Venue – pick your venue wisely
Think about what matters to you the most at your venue! Whether it is a venue with extensive grounds, a country house style, a barn or outdoor woodland. The venue is one of the biggest parts of the day and you will look back for the rest of your lives on it as it will always hold a special place in your heart.

2.Try not to stress
This is the biggest day of your life and you may find it stressful from start to finish but enjoy it! Your friends and family will always want to help and offer advice which might add more stress but you only get to do this once, take your time and remember why you are getting married.

3. Guests Lists – How many guests do you invite?
Make sure you have a list of guests written down and an idea of guest numbers before you set your heart on a venue as it might not be big enough.
You need to decide if you want a small intimate wedding or a large wedding. Think about what is the most important thing for you on your big day! Who are the important people you want there?

4. Don’t worry about the weather
Don’t get too worked up if it rains on your big day! On your wedding day no matter what time of the year you get married it could potentially rain, this is Britain! Don’t let this spoil your day! On your day 99% of everything will be perfect but there will always be that 1% which won’t go to plan, such as rain. Don’t panic though! You will still have fantastic pictures and a beautiful day. Your photographer and venue know what they’re doing!

5. Don’t forget the Registrars!
One of the main things for your wedding planning is to remember to book the registrar to ensure you are legally married! Hotels and venues do not book this for you and it’s something you need to consider especially if you want to get married at a specific time.

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