An authentic Italian recipe to try at home.

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Unforgettably delicious, rich and sweet, this tiramisu recipe will have you wanting dessert for every meal of the day.

Serves 4-5


Tiramisu filling:

80g egg yolk (approx.4 egg yolks)
80g caster sugar
300g mascarpone cheese
80g egg white (approx.3 egg whites)
80g caster sugar

Coffee sugar syrup:
150g castor sugar
150ml cold water
4 shots of coffee espresso

150-175g of Lady Fingers or Sponge Fingers

Cocoa powder

Optional: dark chocolate (for grating), caramel sauce



Tiramisu Filling

• Begin by whisking the egg yolks together

• Then place the 1st batch of caster sugar into a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Reduce to the temperature to low and stir constantly until the sugar dissolves and the mixture becomes clear, this should take approximately 3-5 minutes, it’s important not to let the mixture get too hot or over boil, the desired temperature for the mix is around 116°c

• Once the sugar syrup is complete, pour it slowly over the egg yolks, whilst continuing to whisk the mixture, you should continue to whisk until it has doubled in volume

• Next, add the mascarpone cheese and mix slowly until combined

• You’ll then need to begin whipping the egg whites, aiming for double the volume

• With the 2nd batch of caster sugar, repeat step 2 in creating the sugar syrup mixture

• While the egg whites are double in volume pour over the hot sugar syrup and continue whipping until you have a firm meringue texture

• Fold the meringue in to the mascarpone mix. The result should be a light yet creamy consistency


Sugar syrup

• Boil together the water with the sugar, adding in the coffee shots

• Allow for the mixture to chill

• Dip the lady fingers in the cold coffee syrup, turning for a few seconds to ensure they are covered but not soggy


Putting together

• Using your desired dish, begin to build the tiramisu layers. We recommend starting with a lady finger base and then piping the tiramisu mixture on top. Repeat this step until the dish is full or the desired height has been reached

• Chill for 2 hours before serving

• To serve, dust with cocoa powder

• We’d also recommend excelling your tiramisu by grating dark chocolate on top or drizzling in caramel sauce for extra deliciousness!



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