Spring Cleaning Tips

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About to embark on your annual spring clean?

We’re sharing our top cleaning tips for the jobs you might have been putting off…


1. Turn your mattress – every mattress should be turned every 3 months, this helps to ensure even wear and maintain the shape of the mattress.

2. Removing candle wax from a carpet – an iron and newspaper is the solution. Place newspaper on the carpet where the wax is, heat the iron and use the iron on the newspaper like you would ironing your clothes.

3. Descaling a kettle and coffee machine – fill the kettle with a solution consisting of half water and half vinegar, and leave it overnight. In the morning, the lime scale will come off easily. Rinse thoroughly to remove any vinegary odors. For coffee makers, add the vinegar solution to the water compartment, run the machine through its process (with no coffee), and repeat twice with plain water.

4. Descaling shower head – soak in the shower head overnight in a solution of half water and half white vinegar. Rinse with plain water after soaking and use a needle to poke any remaining scale out of the jet holes.

5. Smelly fridge – place coffee beans in the small pot inside the fridge, change once a week and repeat.

6. Disinfecting teddy bears – place teddy in the freezer overnight. Low temperature will kill all bacteria.

7. Sanitising kitchen sponge – put the wet sponge in the microwave, heating it on high for one minute. Let the sponge cool down before taking out from the microwave.

8. Removing chewing gum from clothing or carpet – put an ice cube in a plastic bag and run it over the gum. This will harden it and make it easier to pick off.

9. Oven cleaning – carbonate soda and vinegar is the answer. Mix the baking soda with vinegar to get the spreadable paste consistency. With a sponge apply paste all over interior surfaces of the oven, steering clear of the heating elements. Turn the oven on 70°c for 15 minutes.  Let the oven cool down and wash the product with the clean water.

10. Smelly shoes – freshen up your trainers by sprinkling some baking soda inside your shoes. Just remember to tip it out before you wear them again.


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