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Are you in charge of organising the next company conference?

We're sharing our top tips that might help to ease the process.

Being responsible for organising a conference can be a demanding and stressful task. We therefore reached out to our expert sales, conference and events team to share some of their top tips when it comes to organising a conference, to ease the process.

  1. Give yourself time to plan – time is key when it comes to organising any event, having the extra time to arrange every element of the conference will keep stress levels at a minimum, as well as the work load.
  2. Set a date and stick with it – there will always be some that cannot make it, go with the majority and accept that you cannot attend to everyone’s needs, changing the date more than once can become confusing and frustrating for delegates.
  3. Consider travel arrangements and distance your delegates will have to travel – no one wants a tough journey before a conference; consider the best option for the majority.
  4. Investigate alternative dining options– 3 courses of long, sit down meals have been done time and time again. Consider informal dining options, mix up your menu or try a quirky dinner station set up, this will allow your delegates to dine at their leisure and choose what suits them.
  5. On that note, good food is important so choose a venue with exceptional food recommendations. Food is one of the elements delegates will always remember and more importantly speak highly of, create an exceptional experience through good food.
  6. Lights, camera, action! Lighting and special effects can transform a room. Be creative and make it fun to keep your delegates engaged.
  7. Ensure your presenters are prepared with good content that is relevant and exciting, your delegates will thank you for it.

We hope some of these tips help and wish you the best of luck with planning your next conference.

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