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Our top tips for mastering the barbecue...

We’re now officially into the summer months and we all know what that means, time to uncover the BBQ.

Now if we’re honest, not all of us are the best barbecuers, perhaps because it’s not a skill we have to use year-round and we therefore haven’t mastered the art.

Cooking over an open flame requires concentration, penitence and at times guidance, so what better time than now to share with you our top tips for conquering all things BBQ.

Get the right BBQ – What works for you?
Committing to a gas or charcoal barbecue can be a difficult decision because they both come with their pros and cons. To put it simply, coals will give you that ultimate smoky BBQ flavour but you’ll have to be prepared for a longer wait whereas a gas BBQ can be heated in a matter of minutes but you might miss out on that authentic BBQ taste. Use your preferences to work out what will best suit you.

Start grilling when the time is right
If you’re using a coal BBQ, this can be particularly hard because it takes great patience to let every single coal to be white hot but waiting for this moment is vital. You’ll then be able to get a more accurate idea of how long your food needs to be on the grill for. You wouldn’t crack your eggs into a cold pan on the hob so why would you do that to your delicious BBQ food?

Test the temperature
Ever seen someone stood next to a BBQ with their hand over the top, perhaps nodding, suggesting it’s ready? Well, this actually means something. Turns out, the seconds in which you can hold your hand over a BBQ can indicate the level of heat it’s producing. It’s suggested that 6 seconds is a low heat, 4 seconds is a medium heat and 2 seconds is hot, hot, hot. Hopefully this will help to prevent any cremated sausages!

Marinade changes everything!
Now we understand that barbecues can sometimes be impromptu decisions but if you’re planning ahead, prepare to marinade the night before for ultimate flavour. A top tip for maximising this, is saving some of the marinade to brush on during the cooking process, this will help to lock in the flavours and when combined with that smoky BBQ flavour, will be mouth-wateringly delicious!

There you have it, some of our top tips for mastering the BBQ this summer season. So what are you waiting for, get grilling! Alternatively, let us help in hosting a BBQ for you… We’ve got a fantastic offer on summer BBQ packages from just £39.00 per person. Our events team are always on hand to provide you with more information, just call 01727 864477 or email us.

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