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Looking to break into the hospitality industry but in need of some guidance on how to successfully get there?  You’re in the right place, our HR experts are sharing their top tips for bringing your ‘A-game’ to an interview and securing a job of your dreams!

1. Research

Knowing about the business you’re interviewing with is an absolute must. Make sure you have checked the website and social media so you can be articulate in your conversations and ask relevant questions. Each Hotel has its own unique identity, values and culture so it’s important that you understand this to be able to make an informed decision about your next step. Educate yourself as much as possible before you even walk through the door! You might even want to pay a visit to experience the environment before your interview!

2. Dress to Impress

It goes without saying that appearance is important. So, be smart and conservative with good hygiene. If you have visited the Hotel previously or looked on the website, take note of what other people were wearing – think about grooming standards and dress in line with this (you may need to be able to cover any tattoos with your uniform for example, so aim to do this for your interview as well), think about the role you have applied for and the structure of your interview. You may be given a tour of the kitchens or grounds, so make sure your clothes and shoes are comfortable as well as smart.

3. Choose your attitude – and smile!

The Hospitality industry is about creating exceptional experiences, so choose your attitude to be sure you make an exceptional impression. Think about how you come across when you meet your interviewer – first impressions count for a lot! Find ways to demonstrate your passion and energy for what you do. Attitude is a critical part of every role in hospitality, so this should be something you think about when you prepare for your interview just as much as how you are going to answer the questions you are asked.

4. Showcase your talents

Be prepared to discuss your previous roles and past experiences in detail and come prepared with examples. Think about the type of role you are applying for and try to convey some of the key skills during your interview. If you are applying for a reception role for example, be sure to demonstrate your ability to build rapport. If you are applying to be a PA, be certain that you demonstrate your efficiency and attention to detail, if you are applying to join the HR team, find ways to connect with your interviewer and demonstrate your emotional intelligence and empathy. If interested in Food and Beverage, be ready to talk about your favourite restaurant, dish, or perhaps the last restaurant you visited and why you chose it etc. If you are coming from a different industry, or maybe this is your first role after school or University, think about what transferable skills you have.


If you think the hospitality industry might be your next adventure and you’re looking for a spectacular place to work, then be sure to check out our current vacancies here.


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