Champagne Tips

How to serve Champagne at home

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Champagne Tips

From our Restaurant & Bar Manager

  1. Top of the Pops – You only need to remember one thing when opening a bottle of Champers, twist the bottle not the cork! No matter how expensive the bottle is, if you follow this simple rule you can open Champagne stress-free every time.
  2. Pour like a pro – If you want to impress your friends at a dinner party then be sure to pour Champagne properly. Hold the base and pour into a glass at a 45 degree angle. This reduces the amount of fizz!
  3. The perfect glass – There is no need to worry if you don’t have enough Champagne flutes for your guests. Champagne can equally be served in a white wine glass without any shape; the shape of the glass even allows you to appreciate the complexity of aromas.
  4. Keep it cool – Champagne is best enjoyed chilled so leave the bottle in an ice bucket ahead of serving. Also always hold the stem of the glass otherwise it warms too quickly.
  5. Not just for Christmas! – Often people hoard Champagne in the cupboard for that never ending special occasion. However, there are a number of affordable bottles of Champagne in the supermarkets for you to enjoy regularly – get popping!
January, 2018

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