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Why an away day is exactly what your business needs.

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Turn on the out of office;

it’s time to engage your team in an away day.

With company culture a hot topic in the ever changing millennial world and the pressure on to provide a motivating place to work, a team building session might be exactly what your business needs, to meet company culture half way and benefit in the long term from a powerful and proactive team.

We’re sharing a few of our reasons why a team building session, as a happy medium solution, is something you should invest in.

The positive effects team building will have on your team’s ability to work together are limitless. Giving your employees the opportunity to work together in a different environment will allow them to get to know each other on a more personal level. This process of bonding then encourages friendship and trust, two key foundations to creating a positive relationship.
Giving your employees some time out away from their regular work environment will offer them the chance to communicate properly, minus the email conversation chain. Communication skills are often overlooked because it tends to be a skill that’s innate to us. However, as technology increasingly takes over different aspects of our lives, the basics behind communication can be lost. Take things back to basic and get your team communicating face to face.
A finally, having some fun, a chance to step away from the work routine, clearing the mind and allowing your staff to enjoy themselves. There’s a high chance that your employees will feel more productive on return, as well as refocused on targets and goals.

Here at Sopwell House ,we offer a wide variety of team building activities to choose from including sports and lawn games, motorised Segway’s, hovercraft and laser-shooting, accommodating team building events of all sizes. Perhaps you’re looking for something different and an unwinding session in the Spa is more suited to your company needs. Whatever your team building requirements, our team are dedicated to creating an experience unique to you, we’d love to hear from you.

For further information, to book your team building event or to arrange a show round call 01727 750466 or email us.


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