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Trends you need to know if you're getting married in 2019

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2019 Wedding Trends

From wedding design and colours to innovative food ideas, here are some trends to make note of for the wedding season in 2019. From wedding design and colours to innovative food ideas, here are some trends to make note of for the wedding season in 2019.

1. Coral is the colour of the year – and it’s about to feature in lots of colour themes throughout 2019. It’s not too heavy, its uplifting and most of all its playful. From bridesmaid’s dresses to flowers, we’re looking forward to seeing how brides and grooms incorporate this vibrant, exciting colour into their wedding design.

2. Unusual Entertainment – With photo booth’s a little overdone, brides and grooms are looking for new ways to mix things up a little and this is where the likes of harpists & caricaturists come into play. Not only do harpists sound incredible, the playing of this unique instrument is visually beautiful and a great way to wind down your guests at the end of a perfect day. Alternatively, caricaturists are a fun way for your guests to entertain themselves whilst you’re off having photos taken, documenting your dream day, also a great keepsake.

3. Grazing Tables – Struggling to agree on canapes? Grazing tables could be for you. The phrase “you can’t please everyone” is often said by someone at some point in the planning stages of a wedding, which we’d have to agree with, but we’d also have to agree that grazing tables could be the solution. From artisan cheeses and marinated olives to freshly baked breads and fresh fruit, grazing tables offer maximum variety for guests and they’ll be happy to pick and choose whilst probably going back to the table more than once, or twice (okay, three times).

4. Regal Fashion – Wedding dresses have taken it up a notch on the sophistication scale with a heavy influence from style icon and royal goddess Meghan Markle. We’re expecting to see a lot of sleeves this season (yes, even throughout the summer) as well as the return of simple classic shapes in white & ivory tones.

5. Sustainable Swaps – This trend was inevitable in 2019 with the rise of venues and an outlet swapping to the likes of paper straws & linen napkins, but this year it’s expected that brides and grooms will take this a step further. We’re talking entirely recyclable decorative elements, bamboo dinnerware and glass straws, saying goodbye to single use plastics completely, watch this eco-friendly weddings space!

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